Pete Luce with dogs
I used to have a dog phobia myself! Now I enjoy being around them.


Is your life overshadowed by an intense fear of something which you know is actually safe and harmless?

Does this fear force you to avoid normal activities, causing inconvenience, frustration and embarrassment? 

Do you have to rely on other people to rescue you from situations which are actually harmless?

Do you wish you could break free from this limitation?

I've been there myself. As a child I was terrified of dogs, and even as a young adult I went to great lengths to avoid them. Now I actually like dogs and enjoy their company as you can see from the photo! The bigger dog in the photo is a Siberian, as seen in the Game of Thrones TV series. 

Having overcome a phobia myself I understand how it feels to be constantly on edge around something that's actually harmless. Millions of people have this problem (about one person in every ten). 

Phobias can limit peoples' lives in so many ways. For instance:

Fear of public speaking in interviews, group presentations in college, or workplace meetings could hold back your education and career. 

Fear of closed spaces can make travel in any vehicle a nightmare, affecting work, social life and holidays.

Fear of flying prevents many people from going abroad for holidays or family visits. This has affected even some world-famous entertainers, preventing them from touring outside their own country!

Fear of heights compels people to take long detours to avoid high bridges. Some even refuse hospital treatment if the clinic is on an upper floor!

Some people avoid certain jobs, or even having children, because they cannot tolerate the sight or sound of anyone being sick. 

Others avoid the countryside or even city parks for fear of dogs or bees.

The list of phobias is almost endless. And phobias can affect anyone, including people who are generally courageous. A phobia is frustrating and embarrassing, especially when other people do not understand the intensity of fear which is experienced. 

You can read much more about phobias and how I work with them on my special phobia therapy website HERE

Whatever your phobia, overcoming it will open the way into a more satisfying life! And for 27 years I have been helping people to achieve this. You can read some reviews of my work from former clients further down the page.


I will not be giving you tedious long-winded lectures, telling you your fear is nonsensical, because you know that already. 

Instead we will be targeting the fear itself, resetting your imagination to empower you instead of terrorising you.

I'm only seeing clients in Exeter now so you can contact me by clicking on my other website HERE

Lisa Perry
Lisa Perry
22:45 03 Dec 19
Pete is highly professional and very easy to talk with. Pete has helped me with more than I could have expected from... sleep related issues, to confidence, stress and anxiety. I had never been hypnotised before and turned to hypnosis as a last resort unsure if it would work or what to expect. I felt I had lost complete control of myself and who I was. Pete never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable he listened and was very supportive. Pete has an easy accessible Plymouth practice With plenty of more
Holly Parker
Holly Parker
20:37 15 Oct 19
Pete has been extremely helpful throughout the session and beyond. I went in for a session with Pete and was very... nervous at first but I was soon made to feel at ease. The session left me feeling so positive and I was really happy with how it went. A few weeks after the session I have bombarded Pete with emails, with questions to try and stay on track as much as possible, he has been very quick to respond and helps me with any problems I have. I highly recommend Pete Luce, especially if you are feeling like there is little hope - there definitely is hope!read more
James Stone
James Stone
14:50 17 Apr 19
Pete Luce helped me overcome some major issues, he is clearly a very experienced and skilled hypnotherapy professional,... I would recommend him to anyone who seriously wants help in overcoming psychological and behavioural problemsread more
Jo Tatam
Jo Tatam
23:58 06 Apr 19
Sidman Family
Sidman Family
07:22 05 Mar 19
Pete Luce is a very professional and experienced hypnotherapist. He instantly puts you at ease and has a very kind and... caring manner. He has helped me overcome an issue I struggled with for many years and his help has been life changing for me. I highly recommend his services and only wish I had found him more
Dave Sowden
Dave Sowden
11:55 25 Feb 19
I went to Pete Luce for hypnotherapy as I had a forthcoming driving test and felt rather nervous about this test as I... failed a couple of times before. At first meeting Pete, I felt at ease with his professional and down-to-earth approach. He explained in simple but intelligent terms how hypnotherapy would help to calm my pre-test nervousness. After a couple of sessions, I was able to pass the driving test in a confident manner, with considerably less anxiety. Thank you Pete for helping me to more
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