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If you've found my site via Google you'll have noticed that there are a very great many hypnotherapists in the Plymouth area. When I started there were three- now there's about forty. The supply of therapists has expanded much faster than the demand for their services. You'll also have noticed how many therapists make big claims for themselves, even after a few short time in practice.

My approach is different. I grew up in a time when boasting was discouraged. So in this website I'll stick to plain facts.

I saw my first paying client more than thirty years ago. And before that I had many years experience in mental nursing. You see a few things in that line of work. Hopefully you learn a few things too. Like how to persuade someone to come down off a balcony from which they were about to jump. Or to give up a knife with which they were about to harm themselves. How to break bad news. How to listen intently when there's a dozen other things demanding your attention. How to gain the trust of people who feel betrayed and disregarded. 

You don't learn these things in an office or on a business studies course. 

Including my previous career in mental health nursing, I have spent 43 years  helping people to overcome psychological, emotional and behavioural problems.

If you're ready to make an appointment, or want to discuss further, you can contact me via the contact form below. 



The best way to contact me is email via the contact form below or text via the text button which will display if you're on mobile. If you prefer you could phone me on 01392 574669, I may well be with a client so leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. BE SURE TO TICK THE CONSENT BOX OR THE FORM WON'T SEND.


If you're not ready to make an appointment you can still make a start on helping yourself using these free resources. Click the button below for a free self-hypnosis audio download to help you gain control over your emotions and relax mentally and physically. 

My other specialist interest is helping people to rebuild their personality after escaping from controlling and abusive relationships. Click the button below for a free E-book on this topic. 


So that more people can benefit from my hypnotherapy I am now providing a range of audiovisual downloads to help with a variety of common problems.

These courses contain much more than the usual self-hypnosis audio downloads available from other sources. 

As well hypnosis audios, each course contains detailed practical advice in both video and written format, based on my 27 years experience in providing hypnotherapy, and forty years experience in mental health.

The BREATHE CLEAN course is designed to help you to stop smoking. 

The EAT WELL weight loss course includes eight videos, written lessons, and four powerful hypnotic audios, to help you create your future self, understand your eating patterns, plan your weight loss journey, overcome emotional eating and impulsive eating, and enjoy physical activity. 

The STEP UP confidence-building course includes a hypnotic audio and four videos on building confidence, overcoming the past, and handling opposition. 

Click HERE to find my full range of audiovisual courses. Free previews are available for each course. Just sign up with no obligation and you can read or watch the previews, then purchase the full course if you want more. 

Lisa Perry
Lisa Perry
22:45 03 Dec 19
Pete is highly professional and very easy to talk with. Pete has helped me with more than I could have expected from... sleep related issues, to confidence, stress and anxiety. I had never been hypnotised before and turned to hypnosis as a last resort unsure if it would work or what to expect. I felt I had lost complete control of myself and who I was. Pete never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable he listened and was very supportive. Pete has an easy accessible Plymouth practice With plenty of more
Holly Parker
Holly Parker
20:37 15 Oct 19
Pete has been extremely helpful throughout the session and beyond. I went in for a session with Pete and was very... nervous at first but I was soon made to feel at ease. The session left me feeling so positive and I was really happy with how it went. A few weeks after the session I have bombarded Pete with emails, with questions to try and stay on track as much as possible, he has been very quick to respond and helps me with any problems I have. I highly recommend Pete Luce, especially if you are feeling like there is little hope - there definitely is hope!read more
James Stone
James Stone
14:50 17 Apr 19
Pete Luce helped me overcome some major issues, he is clearly a very experienced and skilled hypnotherapy professional,... I would recommend him to anyone who seriously wants help in overcoming psychological and behavioural problemsread more
Jo Tatam
Jo Tatam
23:58 06 Apr 19
Sidman Family
Sidman Family
07:22 05 Mar 19
Pete Luce is a very professional and experienced hypnotherapist. He instantly puts you at ease and has a very kind and... caring manner. He has helped me overcome an issue I struggled with for many years and his help has been life changing for me. I highly recommend his services and only wish I had found him more
Dave Sowden
Dave Sowden
11:55 25 Feb 19
I went to Pete Luce for hypnotherapy as I had a forthcoming driving test and felt rather nervous about this test as I... failed a couple of times before. At first meeting Pete, I felt at ease with his professional and down-to-earth approach. He explained in simple but intelligent terms how hypnotherapy would help to calm my pre-test nervousness. After a couple of sessions, I was able to pass the driving test in a confident manner, with considerably less anxiety. Thank you Pete for helping me to more
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FROM 1st JANUARY 2024 THE STANDARD FEE IS £60 PER SESSION (This price increase is due to the greatly increased cost of advertising on Google. My price is now about the standard rate charged by most local therapists).  EACH SESSION IS ABOUT ONE HOUR. NUMBER OF SESSIONS VARIES DEPENDING ON THE PROBLEM, BUT THREE TO EIGHT SESSIONS IS TYPICAL. SESSIONS MAY BE WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY, OR AT LONGER INTERVALS AS REQUIRED. 

INTERESTED IN STOPPING SMOKING? That's not something I deal with much now, but in the past I helped a lot of people to stop smoking. This video contains some practical advice for people wanting to stop smoking, based on my own long experience. Success or failure in stopping smoking is more about the client than the therapy, so if you follow this free advice you can maximise your chances of success.

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