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About Pete Luce

I’ve been a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist since 1993, following a previous career in mental health nursing, which included work in psychiatric intensive care, elderly care, an innovative crisis intervention team and a walk-in counselling clinic, mostly in multi-ethnic areas of London. I’ve trained in several forms and traditions of hypnosis, psychotherapy, mesmerism and NLP with British and American trainers. I have worked as a counsellor with Plymouth MIND, Plymouth College of Art and Design, and several Employee Assistance Provider companies.

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Understand the importance of communication.

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Phobias and more.

Hypnosis for weight loss

Tackle the underlying cause of your overeating.


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Confidence Hypnosis

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Hypnosis for complex issues.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it feel to be hypnotised?

My clients typically describe their experience as follows: “I can’t remember ever feeling so relaxed… I didn’t want to come back… I felt lifted up above all my problems without any anxieties or cares… it was like a sort of dream… my body was as relaxed as if I was asleep, but I could hear what you were saying…”

How is hypnosis induced?

There are many methods but I personally induce hypnosis by talking. Sometimes I might lift your hand so you can feel the increased sense of weight in your arm as you get more and more relaxed. Apart from that there is no physical contact involved.

Are the people is stage hypnotism shows really hypnotised, or are they just play-acting?

A bit of both. Stage hypnotists are showmen who know how to quickly select those few members of their audience who will provide the best “entertainment.” They work only with these highly suggestible people- unlike the hypnotherapist who needs to be able to work with the great majority of those people who may seek his help.

Why is hypnotherapy not available on the NHS?

This is mainly because very few doctors, psychologists, and other health professionals are properly trained in hypnotherapy. The subject is not covered in medical or nursing training. Also, most doctors do not have the time to use it (even though it would save time in the long run). Finally, most doctors and other health professionals are unaware of the amount of good scientific evidence for hypnotherapy (see above).

How can I be sure that a hypnotherapist is competent and ethical?

You could inquire where he or she trained and then look up the school online to see what topics are covered and how long is the training. As regards ethics, you should only consult a hypnotherapist who belongs to a professional register with a code of conduct and a proper complaints procedure. However, the best guide may be your own “gut feeling” on meeting the hypnotherapist. An ethical hypnotherapist will not object to you recording the session or bringing a friend or relative to sit in with you.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Certainly the vast majority can be hypnotised. Some people have a deep-rooted fear of hypnosis, because they believe that they would lose control. This is an incorrect belief, because the client is still in control of themselves even in deep trance. I have successfully hypnotised many people who had previously seen other hypnotherapists and had not been able to go into trance. This is because I have a variety of methods which I adapt to each client’s needs.

Is hypnotherapy only for certain sorts of people?
Not at all! I see every sort of person in my practice, including electricians, engineers, soldiers, sailors, marines, police officers, professional people, business people, actors, artists, writers and musicians, drivers, factory workers, care workers, nurses, full time mums, retired people, deep sea divers, and students. My clients’ ages have ranged from 14 to 84. I see “conventional” people and hippies, middle class and working class, straight, bisexual, and gay people, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Pagans, and non-believers, men and women, and people of all races and ethnic groups.
Is hypnosis permitted by my religion?
As stated above, I have worked with members of all the main religions. Some misinformed people sometimes oppose hypnosis because they fear that they would be handing over control of their mind to another person. But in fact you would still be in complete control of yourself even in the deepest trance. You could not be made to do anything against your religion.

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