How I Work

Therapy with me is a collaboration- I will be helping you to help yourself. You will NOT be sitting back doing nothing while
I “fix” your problem. Successful therapy ALWAYS requires active participation
by the client both in session and outside. I use hypnosis with most clients, but I also use a wide range of other techniques including Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and Eye Movement Therapies. Hypnosis is not about me taking over- it’s actually about you getting more control over your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

Most clients notice some improvement following their first session, although it occasionally takes longer. If there’s an
approach to your problem that has strong scientific backing or that I’ve used
successfully before with many clients, then I will use that first. If that doesn’t help then I can more creative and innovative. In all cases my therapy is based on a knowledge of first principles, and tailored to your individual needs.

I have helped many people whom other therapists were unable to help, especially those with a history of abusive and controlling relationships. I have treated a huge variety of clients from different ethnic backgrounds, different religions and sexual orientations, and different walks of life, including other therapists.

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