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Pete Luce in 1979
Pete Luce 1979. Forty years experience in healthcare professions.

The NHS recommends that people seeking
complementary or alternative therapies should choose practitioners with a
background in a mainstream health profession. I have been a qualified health professional for more than 40 years. I qualified as a State Registered Nurse in
1979, and as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1982. I spent 13 years working full time in mental health nursing , including psychiatric intensive care, care of elderly patients, acute admissions, and community psychiatric nursing. It was during this period that I also began my training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. In the early 1990s I worked in one of the first crisis intervention teams and one of the first NHS walk-in counselling clinics. Most of this experience was in multi-ethnic areas of Inner London. I was recognised by consultant psychiatrists as having special expertise in helping patients who had
“personality disorders.” This background explains why I'm often willing to take on clients whom other therapists have been unable to help, including those with very deep-rooted problems resulting from long-term trauma.

Pete Luce Hypnotherapist
Pete Luce Hypnotherapist
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