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Pete Luce in 1979
Pete Luce 1979. Forty years experience in healthcare professions.

The NHS recommends that people seeking
complementary or alternative therapies should choose practitioners with a
background in a mainstream health profession. I have been a qualified health professional for more than 40 years. I qualified as a State Registered Nurse in
1979, and as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1982. I spent 11 years fulltime in mental health nursing , including psychiatric intensive care, care of elderly patients, acute admissions, and community psychiatric nursing. In the early 1990s I worked in one of the first crisis intervention teams and one of the first NHS walk-in counselling clinics. Most of this experience was in multi-ethnic areas of Inner London. I was recognised by consultant psychiatrists as having special expertise in helping patients who had
“personality disorders.”

Pete Luce Hypnotherapist
Pete Luce Hypnotherapist