Price List

The cost per therapy session is £60. Each session is about an hour. 

There is no charge for initial consultations on the phone or by email. There is no charge for email or phone support between sessions. If I think you would benefit from a personalised MP3 there is no extra charge for this. 

Some clients prefer to meet me face to face before starting therapy. At this meeting I can normally assess whether you will respond to hypnosis. Almost everyone can experience hypnosis, including people who cannot visualise. Most people decide to go ahead with therapy during this first session, in which case it is now a therapy session and is charged for as above. But if they are still unsure or decide it's not for them, or if I think I'm not the right therapist for them, there is no charge. 

Most clients have between three and ten sessions, but there is normally some improvement even from the first session. 

Whatever your problem the price per session is the same. I don't do block bookings- you pay for each session as we proceed, by cash or bank transfer.

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