The experience of hypnosis

In another article I've discussed what hypnosis really is, but you might still be wondering how it feels to be hypnotised? Personally I prefer to lead clients into trance
quite gently, rather than the very sudden methods used by stage hypnotists and
street hypnotists. I could use their methods if I wanted to, but the fact is
many of my clients have been severely traumatised in the past so I don’t want
them to think that they have lost control of themselves.
Because I use a gradual approach, some clients at first find themselves wondering if they’re really hypnotised. However on coming out of trance they realise that they’ve had an experience that’s not like anything they’ve known before. Typically they
report that it felt strange, but absolutely safe and peaceful. They often say that they haven’t felt so peaceful and relaxed for many years. You can read some testimonials from my clients here.
In hypnosis I am talking to the subconscious mind, which is the part of our mind that keeps on running in the background while our attention is on other things, and even while we’re sleeping. It’s where our dreams come from, and our self-limiting
beliefs and fears.
While I’m talking with the subconscious mind, the conscious mind may listen in or it may just drift off somewhere else. The client might not consciously remember what’s been said, but the subconscious will remember. Just as in dreaming, you will typically forget your dreams on waking, but may then return to the same dream on another night. So obviously the dream has been remembered at a deeper level.
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