It amazes me that some hypnotherapists apparently don’t like to talk about their work in social situations, and even pretend they
have some other job, something boring that other people won’t ask them about!
Personally I love to talk about hypnosis and hypnotherapy- though of course I never discuss individual clients. Here's a video discussing some of the questions I get asked about hypnosis.


You may be wondering what medical doctors think of hypnosis. The medical speciality which deals with the mind is called psychiatry, and the doctors specialising in this field are called psychiatrists. Their training and professional standards are regulated by the Royal College of Psychiatry, and on the College's website you will find this page setting out their views on hypnosis. You will notice that they recommend seeing only those hypnotherapists who have a background of training in a legally-regulated health profession such as nursing or psychotherapy. I was a registered nurse for 30 years and I have also trained in psychotherapy and counselling.

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