Stop Smoking

When I first started practice as a full-time hypnotherapist in 1994, about half my clients came for help with stopping smoking. A large percentage of them had been personally recommended by former clients whom I had previously helped. 

In recent years, however, smoking has become very much less common in this country, and most of those who are still smoking have no intention of stopping, despite the damage to their health. 

If you really want to stop smoking, I suggest that your first step should be to take my online stop smoking course, which is called "Breathe Clean." This course contains videos, hypnotic audios, and written material, but the written material is all repeated in the videos. The course is exceptionally good value for money so I suggest you take this course first rather than booking one-to-one sessions with me. 

You can find the course by clicking HERE. 

I do not offer one-to-one sessions of hypnosis for stopping smoking. All too often, clients who seek hypnosis for stopping smoking have quite unrealistic expectations of what a single session of hypnosis can do for them. Scientific studies on hypnosis for stopping smoking generally show a maximum success rate of about one in three, when clients are followed up a year later and actually tested to see if they have really not been smoking. And this kind of success rate is generally from therapists who offer a course of sessions rather than just one session. 



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