Sexual Problems

parrots making love
Foreplay is essential, even for parrots!

Sex is a basic human need, and having problems in that area often reduces confidence in other areas of life. Embarrassment deters many people from seeking help. And many people don’t realise how common sexual problems are- their friends may boast about their sexual successes, but will generally keep quiet about difficulties.

I help with the psychological side of these
problems. I do NOT perform any physical examination. If you think there’s
something physically wrong then you need to see your GP. Sad to say, some people wait many years before seeking help for a medical problem that might be treated quite easily!

“Erectile Dysfunction” or inability to “get it up” is normally a form of “performance anxiety”, where the anticipation of
failure causes anxiety, which in turn causes loss of erection, thus creating a
vicious circle. In some cases however it can however be a sign of physical
disease, so I insist that any client must see their GP first to check for
illnesses like diabetes. Hypnosis is an effective means of overcoming this
anxiety and rebuilding confidence.

Sexual problems can also be a symptom of the couple just not getting along generally. People don't generally want sex with someone who annoys them or exhausts them. In these cases help with the relationship comes first. 

I have a positive attitude to all forms of sexual expression so long as all participants are consenting adults, risk-aware, and
are not endangering other people outside of their relationship. Despite the
general acceptance of gay and lesbian sexuality nowadays, some sexual
minorities are still misunderstood by the “vanilla” mainstream. My clients can
be assured of absolute confidentiality.