Healthy Eating

I have helped many people to establish healthier eating habits. Some people need to eat less food, and especially less "junk food", others want to enjoy a wider variety of food, and others need to eat more food because they are unhealthily underweight.

The people I help with these issues have generally been using food to distract themselves from unpleasant thoughts, memories or feelings, or even numb themselves completely. Overeating is often used to relieve anxiety.

Other people may overeat to make themselves unattractive, because they are afraid of sexual relationships. This normally results from having had very abusive relationships in the past.

Others may simply fear the physical experience of hunger, often because it recalls memories of extreme deprivation in their childhood when they didn't even know when they would eat again.

In all these cases dieting is not enough. Hypnotherapy can help to change the way you think, feel and react so you no longer need the "drug" of excessive eating.

Hypnotherapy  can also help with building confidence, so that looking physically attractive is no longer something to be feared. 

Of course healthy eating involves the body as well as the mind. There is a huge amount of knowledge now available about how to maintain good digestion and nutrition, and the effect of different foods on our health. Hamish Tailyour is a well-regarded and very knowledgeable expert on these matters. He is based in Plymouth.