On this page you can purchase and download my audiovisual courses. When you click on the picture you will see a form to set up an account. This costs nothing! You can then see free previews of each course before deciding to purchase it. Once you've purchased a course you will have lifetime access to it, there is no time limit. 

My "Breathe Clean" stop smoking course is far more than just a hypnosis audio download. It is a four part course designed to prepare you for stopping smoking and to keep you on the right track afterwards, especially during the all-important first week when withdrawal symptoms are strongest. Each part of the course includes a video covering the whole content of that section, as well as short articles if you prefer to absorb information in writing. 

As well as your hypnosis audio I will teach you two easy exercises to break the habit side of smoking and to relax your mind and body naturally, thus removing the need to smoke.

I will show you how to identify your smoking pattern so you can plan for your first day as a non-smoker. I also cover how to respond to people tempting you to smoke, how to deal with any setbacks, and how to increase your motivation for stopping smoking. 

The video and audio alone are about two hours of listening, and for best results I recommend you also read the written information. This course is based on my 27 years experience of helping people to stop smoking. 

My "Eat Well" course is designed to help you lose excess weight through healthy eating and activity. Based on 27 years experience in helping clients on their weight loss journeys, it includes eight videos, short written lessons, and four powerful hypnotic audios to help you create your future self, understand your eating patterns, plan your weight loss journey, overcome emotional eating and impulsive eating, and enjoy physical activity. 

My "Step Up" course is designed to build self-confidence, another very common problem. It includes several videos, a self-hypnosis audio, and a little-known exercise for transformation of the personality which I have found to have very powerful effects. 

You can see all my downloads and sign up for a free preview of each course by clicking HERE 

Every course includes free previews which you can watch or read without any financial commitment whatsoever, you just need to sign up as a "student" and you can then purchase the full course if you like the previews. 

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