Making an Appointment

To make an appointment or discuss further you can use the contact form below, or phone or text using the contact buttons below (orange for phone, pink for text). Or you can phone 01392 574669.

I am in Plymouth on Thursday afternoons, at the Dragonfly Wellbeing Centre, 34 Mannamead Road, PL4 7AF. This is the main road that continues from Mutley Plain past the Hyde Park pub. Nearest carpark is "Napier Terrace," just off Mutley Plain, next to the Baptist Church. Postcode is PL4 6LD.

NOTE: The turn-off from Mutley Plain is actually marked "Ermington Terrace."

Note ALSO: This car park will be closed for two months from 12.04.23. For this period the nearest car park will be "North Hill" postcode PL4 8ES.

The outside door will be unlocked, so just take a seat in the waiting room and I'll be with you shortly.

I use a room on the ground floor.

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